Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Gift Ever

A few months ago, I came to school (work) to find a plastic grocery bag shoved into my mailbox. It had a single address label stuck to the outside with the name of parent of a student at school. "What is this?" I asked the office ladies. One of them responded with "I don't know, she just left it here for you." "Okay...." I reponded, grabbed the bag, and went to my room. I got distracted with a few things but finally remembered the bag. What this simple, plain grocery bag contained ended up being 1. the highlight of my year, 2. the best gift I have ever received from a family and 3. the most wondrous conversation-starter of all time.

I have received used lotion bottles before, or obvious re-gifts from students. I have gotten half-eaten snacks, homemade cupcakes with finger marks in them, and half empty bottles of perfume. This gift leaves these delights in its dust. This is the piece de resistance of awesome teacher gifts.

Upon opening the grocery bag, I found this lovely handbag with matching shoulder strap stuffed to the brim with delights:

The first item I pulled out was a handmade sewing design that I can only assume was a 3rd or 4th grade project. Getting this framed crossed my mind for a second, but then I realized I wouldn't be able to feel its lovely texture if it were permanently behind glass.

The next item was a child-sized winter hat. Charlotte is actually wearing it right now as I type.

After that, some useful blank note cards with envelopes and a stylish silver necklace (still in its box!)

And, really, what purse would be complete without some fishing twine, gauze tied with a hair elastic, and butterscotch candy? ("You eat it!" "No, you eat it!" and "How much would it take for you to eat that?" were frequently uttered in the teacher's lounge whenever we brought out the purse.)

Some of my favorite items have been lost since I received the purse (or used, thank you!) including: a half burned candle, half used matches (we used these for the fireworks!), CIA visitor badges, a photo wallet, empty badge holders, a mint, and a jean belt.

I will leave you with this. A jar of vaseline? Lip gloss? Body butter? There is no label, so your guess is as good as mine:

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