Friday, July 29, 2011

I lost 50 pounds with Weight Watchers!

Reaching a 50 pound loss on Wednesday night was very anti-climactic! My regular leader wasn't there, my friends weren't there, and only a few of the "regulars" were in attendance. So, it was a very blah celebration. I left the meeting skipping, very excited, but without my regular celebratory group. It has taken a few days to sink in. But now I am starting to think, "HOLY SHIT I LOST 50 POUNDS ON WEIGHT WATCHERS."

So, what made this work for me?
1. Over the past few months, a definite mindset change occured. I know the plan works. I have to trust it and follow it. If I don't follow the plan, I only have myself to blame. It takes a lot to stop making other excuses and realize the real problem is ME and the choices I make.
2. There will always be bad days, weeks, months, hours. One of the biggest problems with people on diets is the thought that "oh, I had a bad morning, so screw the rest of the day" or "I know i won't lose weight this week, so I'll just forget the diet for now." There is always going to be a party, or a barbecue, or a 12-pack of light beer in the fridge, or a chocolate cake, or a pack of oreos from a neighbor.....and we are most of the time going to screw up now and then. But that's OK. It's taken a while for me to accept this. You make a mistake? IT'S OK. We are human. Start over right now!
3. Friends and family. A good support system is necessary. Avoid the negative people. Avoid the people who badmouth Weight Watchers! Share your successes and your challenges with them. Help them help you!

What now?
I am still 16 pounds from goal weight. I wanted to make it by my birthday....which is 2 months away. I know this is DO-able...but not probable. If I look at my weight loss lately, we are looking at a pound or less each week. To lose 16 pounds in 8 weeks I need to lose 2 pounds a week...and this is with a beach trip and a TRIP TO HAWAII all before my birthday. Hm. I am going to try - no giving up! - but I am going to be realistic.

The Half Marathon I signed up for in November. I have an internal panic attack almost daily about this.

Another before and after. The first picture is the day we brought Char home from the hospital. OK, I know, I had just a baby, but good lord. The second picture is from just now. :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! You look fantastic!! Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

You are looking great! Fabulous job. Mom

Anonymous said...

Beeeaaaauuutifullll! I'm impressed!! Missing you.

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