Tuesday, July 05, 2011

MPM 5 and a recipe

Monday - 4th of July BBQ at friends - YUM.
Tuesday - shrimp, rice and edamame
Wednesday - FFYS
Thursday - Pasta
Friday - Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, and chips
Saturday - Outback takeout (gift card we didn't use last week!)
Sunday - Quinoa with black beans and jalapeno cheese, fruit, and shrimp on the grill.

Last night I made a fruit dip to go with the mega-bowl of fruit I brought to the BBQ. It was yummy and only ONE WW Point for a serving, which I consider about a tablespoon to go with a big spoonful of fruit (0 points)

1/2 block of fat free cream cheese
1 cup of marshmallow creme (I didn't measure, just took a big spoonful)
2 cups of Cool Whip Free (again, just 2 big spoonfuls)

Let the stuff sit out on the counter for a bit so it gets soft. Mine sat out for about 45 minutes. Throw it in a bowl and mix it all up, smushing up the lumps. Put back in fridge until time to eat, give it another good stir before serving.

We ate it with all kinds of fruit - watermelon, cantelope, bananas, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and apples. I'm sure it would taste good with every kind of fruit. :)

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