Saturday, July 26, 2008

How to Look your Best in Photos

When having professional photos taken, here is some advice for you.
1. Bring sippy cup. Drink at every possible moment.

2. Always keep eyes half open.

3. Definitely give mean stares to everyone you can.

4. Be pissed.

5. Hide behind anything you can. The effect is even better when closing eyes.


TONYA said...


Now is this why I couldn't remember having seen the photo you sent me tonight???? I thought I was going out of my mind and didn't want to ask for fear of you telling me off for not remembering LOL

Mattam said...

Super funny!

The Cleary's said...

ha! You forgot to add something about chasing kids around to get them to hold still... :) When I got B's pics done a few months ago the toys outside the studio were WAY more interesting than the props inside the studio...

Dave and Jenn said...

laughing...laughing....and yeap..still laughing...too funny!!!