Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mommy Bootcamp #2

Today's class was easier than the first. Not because of the exercises (crap, those were harder) but because of the weather. No humidity, a slight breeze....ahhhhh. Exercises today consisited of sprint relays, hurdles (my god.), football hoopy run things, and running up and down a big hill. That last one sucked the most.

A friend from my high school is in the class and we haven't talked since high school! So, that was fun catching up with her, too.

Hopefully I won't fall asleep while the kids play this morning. (Ha ha, Kami, just kidding....just seeing if you are paying attention!) :) :)


The Cleary's said...

Haha, Me?! I always fall asleep when Brianna is with me :) I mean, only!! Blogs get me through the day at work.

Ma-mere said...

Good Job! You've inspired me to get my shoes on and walk again this morning. What are Owen and Henry doing while you work out? Ma-mere

Shannon said...

Good for you, Jane! I am inspired :)

TONYA said...

Well done. You are on a roll now. Keep it up.