Wednesday, July 09, 2008

White is the new black

For tonsil spots, that is.

I have three kiddos today that are feeling a bit lousy, I think. O has a sore throat, H is grumpy and whiny, and B is just a little clingy and quiet. I hope they all don't have a bug. Maybe it's the weather. Poor bubs.

I thought it would be mean to take a picture of all three of them crying, so I tried to cuddle them all instead. None of them enjoyed that moment. :) I just have to give them individual cuddles. And some extra Elmo today.
crying baby
We did gather rocks, wash them, and paint them! Henry added a nice touch to his when he spit up on it. We'll have to paint them again because I wanted to make a rock garden outside but I realized I used washable paint. Rain, duh. Of course do I really want them using non-washable paint? What a dilemma. I don't see myself running outside at every rainfall and bringing in the rocks, that's for sure.


The Cleary's said...

UGG will the moodiness of toddlers never end?! :P Hopefully they will all be in better spirits by this afternoon...

TONYA said...

Mmmm, white around the tonsils huh, just be careful it's not that horrid coxsackie virus that we were plagued with. I'm assuming they are feeling a little better today with all of their antics :)

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