Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm alive.

Just barely.

OK, feeling good now. I know I will be sore, but it'll get easier (or so Todd and Tonya say....) The class was pretty intense with a lot of cardio bursts ("Wait, you want me to sprint?!") and squats ("No seriously, my legs will fall off.") The class started with a warmup that I thought was harder than any workout I've had in 2 years. Lots of jumping. Lots of calf pain. Then we ran around the parking lot with high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, football runs, and sprints. Yeouch. Then we split into groups and did bicep curls and lunges. Then we did tricep dips on the bleachers and more jumping squats. Oh, I forgot (or perhaps my mind is trying to make me forget) this one thing we did where you wrap the bandy thing around your waist and pull a partner across the parking lot. That (and the warmup) were the hardest things. I am proud that I did it, but it was MUCH harder than expected. I don't think the humidity helped, either. At least I didn't break my barf streak. That's the true test.

The boys and I went to Reston Town Center today to see Mr. Knick Knack. They were not impressed. Give us the library dorky guy anytime. Mr. Knick Knack is just too frou frou for us. Since we were there, we surprised Bampa for a visit, then had lunch at Mommy's school with our friend Laura. I love me some Bagel Cafe.


Dingo said...

When you can move enough muscles to type, you have to tell us how it was.

Also, while it was great that they had play time for the kids while you were getting your butt kicked, did they also provide care for afterwards when you would be too tired and sore to wipe runny noses and chase after two little cyclones?

TONYA said...

honey, you may have just inspired me to get back on that exercising wagon again. I've seriously turned up to 2 classes this month. Not gonna lose any weight doing that :)

Proud of you for getting up at that time of the day and working out. Well done.

Ma-mere said...

Great job. I am inspired to get back to a routine of exercise. So, off on a walk to Navy Pier.

Proud of you! Mom

The Cleary's said...

You are sooooo hard core! Lord, I have a hard time getting out of the house by 8am, never mind throwing in a work-out between wake-up and errands! Go Jane Go!

MamaBriggs said...

6am? Wow, I have no other words! Good for You!