Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what would you do? and a recipe.

Going back to work in about 3 weeks. Not sure if I want my students/parents to have public access to my blog (i.e. not sure if I want to censor everything....not that I say anything bad, but it's nice that I can....) Not sure whether to make blog private or what. Any thoughts? I want to be able to share pictures, but also to share stories, and more importantly say bad words if I need to. Plus, I'm sure a student will do something incredibly share-worthy. You know, like the time the cutest kid, a kindergartener at the time, said to me in the morning, "Mrs. W, you are one of the greatest women I've ever met," then in the afternoon said to me, "You are the worst music teacher in this school." (A real low blow since I was the only one at the time). Then what?

What would you do?

An easy peasy chicken dinner from last night:
Crock pot. Frozen chicken breasts. Can of cheddar cheese soup. Jar of salsa. Cook it up on low for an afternoon, or however long. Serve with Mexican rice, some refried beans, and a Corona. Delicioso.


Hokie Grandma said...

Hi Jane,

Tough situation about keeping the blog public or going private. What ever you decide let me know I love to keep up with the boys and you of course. A friend's daughter-in-law is expecting twin boys in Dec may I pass on an email or phone number of yours to her? Rena

Dingo said...

Keep it public, but private. Don't tell anyone else about it. You will miss being able to say what you want, venting, talking about students, etc. if you tell people at work about it.

Jane said...

Rena - Of course, pass on my email! :) Love to help other mom's going through the craziness that you and I know so well.

Dingo - Some of my coworkers already know about it....maybe I'll go back and take out everything that says anything mean. No, wait. Too much work.

Christy said...

Not sure what I would do but if you want to keep it public I would make sure you take it off of any seach engines, lists, etc. I think you do that in the settings or something. That way none of the parents will be able to look you up and find your blog. The only way people could access it is for you to give them the address. Either that or yes.. make it private cuz I don't want you CENSORED!! :)

MamaBriggs said...

I like when you curse:) haha
How would they find out if you don't tell them?

Jenn H said...

Hmmmm, that's a tough one! I wouldn't want you to have to censor yourself but it also would suck if others couldn't find you. The recipe sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

Tough call, I understand your predicament being a teacher myself. If you can make the blog unsearchable and maybe take your last name out of it then you probably will be pretty safe since your students are younger. (right?) The teachers I know who have the most trouble with these blogs and websites devoted to their families are the ones who teach the older students who have access (and time to kill) to find this stuff. Gotta love being a public servant! ~Bethany