Saturday, July 19, 2008


I am cleaning out the camera to get ready for our visit with Sophie and here are some gems I recovered. First is the boys playing with Grandma Estelle's silk cloths. I am making the boys pillows out of some of them, and beanbags out of others. Well, that's the plan anyway. I love the look on Owen's face right after he pulled the cloth off of his face.


IMG_2174 IMG_2175


And here are some eating pictures. The boys stuffed their faces with applesauce bread (thanks to audrey for the recipe!)



We had pizza tonight, and the boys loved it. Here is Owen saying "cheese!" to me, and Henry saying "Cheese!" to his pizza.


IMG_2201 IMG_2203


CC said...

such cute pics! Sorry I missed ya in Chicago! That weekend was a horrible weekend! Normally, 4th of July is a great time for JC and I... not this year! Hope your trip was fun and relaxing! I love the boys eating pizza! The girls love pizza as well! Good luck on making the pillows! I am sure they will turn out great!

Mattam said...

I love the messy eating of the pizza. So cute!

The Collins Family said...

you're going to make pillows and beanbags? Like sew them? You have been reading A day in my life way too much!!!!!
Cute pics!

TONYA said...

Ha, so cute. Love it. Okay, tell me more about these pillows and especially the beanbags. I want to learn how to sew if it kills me ... and it may just LOL

Tabbatha Rose said...

Such great pics!! I get asked how I tell my boys apart and I say its easy but how do you tell yours apart? I love getting food pictures, thats when they sit still lol.
Applesauce bread sounds pretty good.

Christy said...

Great pictures! I just can't believe how big your boys look! They look like such big kids instead of toddlers!

Debbie Moore said...

Great pictures!!

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